Results; ri-zults ; noun

1. something obtained by calculation or investigation; arise as a consequence, effect or conclusion

Solutions: so-lu-shens ; noun

1. an action or process of solving a problem; 2. an answer to a problem; 3. a bringing or coming to an end 

What We Do

Asset Disposition Services is committed to helping our clients maximize cash reserves from wholesale inventories and fixed assets. Whether it is plant relocation or closures, Bankruptcies or collateral recovery, we can devise a plan that will realize the best return, no matter what the circumstance. Our team of seasoned professionals bring over 25 years of experience to the table to build the best model for recovery for all of our clients.

Who We Are

Strategies: strat-a-jeez ; noun

​1. the science and art of employing the forces of a group to afford maximum support to an adopted policy; 2. a careful plan or method; 3. the art of devising and impletmeting plans toward a common goal